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#266 fixed Config option fullscreen="1" ignored in navit.xml KaZeR Niccolo
Description I tried both:

<gui type="internal" fullscreen="1" />


<gui type="gtk" fullscreen="1" />

but Navit does not start in fullscreen mode. Switching to fullscreen from menu does work instead.

I'm using Navit 0.1.0+svnrev1255-r0 on OpenMoko FreeRunner.
#267 fixed OSD icons position does not accept negative values cp15 Niccolo
Description I tried to add an OSD button on the internal gui:

<osd type="button" x="32" y="-128" command="zoom_out" src="gui_zoom_out.svg" />

but the icon does not display. With small negative values (e.g. y="-4") I see the icon in the top left corner, disappearing toward the top.
#301 fixed Recenter the map before cursor reach screen edge, in North orientation KaZeR Niccolo
Description I was not able to let the map recenter before the cursor reaches the screen edge (say a 20% before), when the map is North oriented.

I read bugs #99 and #153, but it seems that follow="1" and update="1" disables northing of map.
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