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#357 worksforme Routing calculation newer finishes when moving KaZeR Nschleicher
Description System: Navit-svn-2189 on Openmoko Freerunner SHR unstable installed in a car. (disabling gps daemon not possible)
1. Start navit and wait until satellites are found.
2. select a destination from a predefined bookmark
3. start moving with the real car.
4. Route to destination is never calculated.
5 some meters before the destination was reached, a small blue route calculation was displayed.

Real Test: Munich (Start) - Friedrichshaven (Destination) 180km
Friedrichshaven (Start) - Munich (Destination) 180km
On both trips the route was not calculated.

I remember that calculation worked in the version where navit blocked until the route was calculated.
#257 fixed Roadbook empty if position selected before destination. KaZeR Ockham
Description Offline (=no GPS) use, Ubuntu Intrepid package, 0.4.0+svn.r1375, GTK+, OSM map data for Austria from

If I select both a position, then a destination via the context menu and then click on "Roadbook", that window remains empty. It does work (ie contain a list of roads to take), if I do it the other way round, ie, select a destination first, and only then a position.

(I cannot check if this is the same if I select a destination via the destination dialog, as I do not get anything to select except for my country there. - Is that #245?)
#270 fixed no route found from Göteborg to Oslo KaZeR Odlg
Description Using a recent europe map from cloudmade, trying to make a route from
mg:0x143e20 0x787a7a type=bookmark label="Stena Line Göteborg"
mg:0x126310 0x7fc486 type=bookmark label="E6 Oslo"
results in "no route found" using svnrev 1854 and gui_internal. It also makes navit go in to a loop where it is not possible to go to the menu.
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