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#166 fixed Show the scale of the map on the screen somebody latouche@…
Description Show a scale of the map (a little line saying 1cm == N km) so that we can know the distance between two points to have an idea of how far they are spaced out.
This may be deactivable for those who want to save pixels on their screen
#168 fixed Start navit only once somebody morgan.torvolt@…
Description For a carputer, it would be nice if an application was only started once. As an example, Amarok does what I wish for. If it is not running, it is started. If it is running, it is moved to the front.

This feature could be the default behavour or used based on an optional command line argument.
#169 fixed gtk gui status bar showing "GPS x/0" with gpsd somebody tim.niemeyer@…
Description The x stands for stats_used, the 0 is qual.
The GPS vehicle doesn't handle the qual request.
I have written a patch, where i swaped the qual and sats answears in the vehicle.
With this patch gets the gpsd-vehicle the same behavior as the gypsy-vehicle.
If this patch is wrong, than this is also in gypsy-vehicle wrong.

This patch is UNTESTED!
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