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#1152 fixed Remove website Kazer usul
Description Hi,
we currently have still a plain old HTML site as landing page:

I highly recommend to remove the page and redirect to the wiki instead. There are various reasons to do so:
* page is unmaintained and has old content (description, SVN link, launchpad, ...)
* design is outdated
* all things had been added to the wiki
* wiki is more central and updated by a whole community

We should take care, that we have only a very limited number of central information places, to decrease the amount of support that is caused by outdated infos/links/... This page doesn't represent anything, that couldn't be managed within the wiki

[[Image(Navit - Car navigation system.png)]]
#1148 fixed Backup / Restore Function for Android Devices cp15 kamikaaze
Description This Patch will add a Backup and Restore function to the Android Version.

This may be usefull for Users with many Bookmarks, that are trying to switch from Google Play Store to Navit, which forces them to uninstall Navit, because the Packages have been signed with different Keystores.

A Backup consists of the following Files:

- /data/data/org.navitproject.navit/home/bookmark.txt
- /data/data/org.navitproject.navit/home/destination.txt
- /data/data/org.navitproject.navit/home/gui_internal.txt
- The Android specific Shared Preferences

A folder in the Navit Folder on the Users SD-Card will be created where those files are then stored.
#1147 fixed Fails to install at N900 chollya usul
Description Hi, I tried to install Navit (SNV5385) on my N900 using our N800 packages which is recommend for Maemo platform at the wiki:[[BR]][[BR]]

This seems to work in basic, but the '''libgpsbt is missed''' and so the package manager refuses it to install. [ Some users] pointed out, that you need to recompile Navit on your own, which is not a option for endusers.

As the Nokia N900 has an internal GPS, there is IMHO no need for this lib that is obviously dedicated to bluetooth.

As this is an essential bug for this platform, I schedule it for next hotfix.
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