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#1184 fixed maptool crash when converting an OSM pbf file. KaZeR tuxmaster
Description Steps to reproduce the crash.
1. load the osm pbf from
2. load
3. run osmupdate to update the map. "osmupdate -B=germany.poly germany-latest.osm.pbf germany-neu.osm.pbf"
4. run "maptool --protobuf -i germany-neu.osm.pbf germany-neu.bin"

maptool crash with an segfault.
I have talk the the developer of osmupdate/osmconvert, and we have test the map.
The map seen to be ok.
Used maptool from SVN 5718.
#1186 fixed cmake build incomplete when use SHARED_LIBNAVIT sleske tuxmaster
Description Hello,
when build navit with:


and run "make install" after build, the following libs are missing:
They are linked again maptool and navit but not installed.
SVN Version: 5725
#1199 fixed navit crash when $HOME/.navit/gui_internal.txt contains invalid navit.layout cp15 tuxmaster
Description Hello,
when the navit.layout parameter in the gui_internal.txt file is not present in the navit.xml file, then navit crash at the start.
SVN Version: 5752
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