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#3 fixed Broken default country in SDL KaZeR KaZeR
Description Country is well defined,but town search doesn't work until the user has
'touched' the input box
#634 fixed Bug in route.c (with patch) KaZeR nioui
Description Hi,

I just noticed a small bug in route.c: at line 697, we have a segfault if this->path2 is NULL.

The attached patch fixes it.
#919 invalid Buggy routing at cloverleaf junctions of single-carriageway streets KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description When two major roads cross with a "cloverleaf" junction (i.e. free of level crossings), Navit gives buggy route instructions for switching from one road to another if the destination road has one single carriageway for both directions: often, this involves taking the exit that leads to the destination road, but in the opposite direction, and then doing a sharp left/u-turn, cutting through a lane of traffic. (See attached picture.) Driving this way is certainly not intended and most likely prohibited, so Navit should behave accordingly.

The problem is that these junctions usually don't have turn restrictions in OSM. Navit apparently finds that taking the link for the "wrong" direction and then doing a U-turn is slightly shorter/faster than taking the "correct" link.

One junction at which I encountered this is this one:

I came from the A2, eastbound, and wanted to continue on the A4, northbound.
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