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#189 fixed 3D View on mobile Device KaZeR surfer_cid
Description Dear all, is it possible to work Navit in 3d View mode (cegui opengl) on mobile devices? I have read no information about this. For instance TuxMobile or on Sharp Zaurus?
#191 fixed in the toolbar, use a combobox instead of zoom buttons somebody kiddo
Description (this is not for the "internal" gui or a touchscreen device gui)

the + and - magnifying glass buttons for zoom in/out, on the toolbar, are currently a bit inefficient because they don't provide the user with a sense of scale at all. I would suggest either finding a way to use a gtk scale, or, more simply, to use a gtk combobox. It could have values that indicate the zoom level. For example:

Values in percent, whereas 100% = 1:1 scaling (unlikely to happen, but still). So the values would be something like[[BR]]

Another way to put it is to use absolute units (km, meters...), but I am not sure this would be clearer/better, or that it would be feasible at all.
#192 fixed Rendering of asian fonts somebody latouche
Description Asian fonts are not rendered on the map but they are shown in popup menus (using an OSM map)
It's the case for Chinese and Japonese names. I suppose it would be the same for Korean but I didn't find any name in Korean.
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