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#499 fixed in svn version the last few days, german speech output is garbled KaZeR zoff99
Description since last few days navit gives this output:

"turn rechts jetzt"
it should be:
"jetzt rechts abbiegen"

this is only an exapmple, many other speech output texts are garbled in german setting

somehow language output got garbled ...

(i am using openmoko freerunner)
#505 fixed clicking on display enters menu screen Singesang zoff99
Description i am using navit on the neo frerunner. but this i think is also true for other embedded devices.

when i use navit in the car or on the bike, and i let the freerunner blank my display. then to see the map-screen again, i need to tap once on the touchscreen to make display un-blank. but this tap makes navit enter the menu screen. now its very difficult (when in car or on bike) to go back to map-view with only 1 hand when you are driving and looking on the road.

so i would suggest that it can be configured in navit.xml:

a) to enter menu with double-click on screen (or maybe other kind of click)


b) to make an OSB button for the menu screen, and clicking anywhere else on the map does nothing

#727 fixed adjust volume of speech (on android version) cp15 zoff99
Description for java app on android it works like this:

Call this API in your onCreate():


This tells the AudioManager that when your application has focus, the volume keys should adjust music volume.

not sure if this function is available in C aswell?

but android is using ALSA, so it should also be possible to find the right volume and use alsa lib
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