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#419 Incomplete/Missing infos "Bookmarks" for names in Towns search KaZeR
Description It would be nice if the towns search (Actions -> Towns) had a list of bookmarks. I live in Amsterdam, and many of the streets I want to navigate to are in Amsterdam. However, before I can select Amsterdam from the list of towns I have to type at least "amster". Being able to select Amsterdam from a list would be very useful.

Before the user has typed any letters, the list of towns is empty. This provides a nice space to show the list of bookmarks.

If the name "bookmark" is confusing because it is already used somewhere else, "preferred town", "town bookmark", "townmark" or "remembered town" could be usable alternatives.
#426 Incomplete/Missing infos Search by postcode KaZeR jjr
Description It would be useful to be able to search by postcode.
#444 Incomplete/Missing infos Text maps are too slow for showing track log KaZeR
Description According to the documentation, it should be possible to do something like:

<map type="textfile" ... data="/home/root/gpx/track.txt"/>

<vehicle ...>
<log type="textfile" data="/home/root/gpx/track.txt" flush_size="0" overwrite="1" />

However, enabling this {{{track.txt}}} map makes Navit become very, very slow when there is a considerable number of points in there.

It looks like the file is entirely re-parsed on every map position update, even though it is strictly only added to. This makes this feature unusable on my Neo Freerunner after only a few minutes of use. Imagine what happens when driving for a few hours...

Showing where a vehicle has been should be implemented in a different way, preferably by keeping a number of points RAM-only. Maybe some smart culling could be used to keep the used memory in check, such as showing only the last X points and/or not storing points when the user is standing (more or less) still.

My Magellan eXplorist 210 can show where I've been quite efficiently, and by the looks of it (and its age) it has way lower specs than a Freerunner - we should be able to get this right :)

To map an area it's quite useful to see where you've actually already been, so I feel that showing the track log is quite an important feature.
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