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#1103 fixed wrong street when street number not found KaZeR grrosminet
Description Hello,

When I request to go at this address : "26 rue Henri Barbusse, 37000 TOURS, FRANCE" Navit drives me to "28 rue Giraudeau, 37000 TOURS, FRANCE"

And when I omit the street number it drives me to the good street (with some strange loop, but it's the good destination)

If the street number is not recognized it should act as if no street number where provided
#76 fixed wrong import of dual-tagged OSM ways breaks routing cp15 grenzdebil@…
Description The osm2navit script imports ways tagged with both highway=some value and railway=some value as railways and thus prevents navit from using them for routing.

Tagging ways as highway and railway is commonly used in OSM when for example tram rails are located directly on a road and tram and car traffic share the same space.

The way osm2navit imports this breaks the routing in my town and I'm sure it does in many places.

One solution would be to create two different ways in the mapnik file for the street and the rails, so the information is not lost - the other one could be to simply consider such ways as a normal street.
#738 duplicate wrong driving direction KaZeR inaki.saez
Description Specially in motorways, when an exit to the right is inside a curve to the left, navit may say "exit to the left" instead of "exit to the right".
It seems that the angle of the exit is measured relative to the current driving direction and should be measured relative to the main road direction in the exit point.
The same applies when the curve is to the right and the exit to the left.
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