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#296 duplicate illegal route cp15 Ernia
Description With navit-svn-2032 (and previous) i got an illegal route between this two points:[[BR]]

mg:0x134013 0x548caf type=bookmark label="arcogiuriolo"[[BR]]

mg:0x133acb 0x548eeb type=bookmark label="castorama"[[BR]]

Proposed route would make me take the "Tangenziale Casalecchio San Lazzaro", which is an elevated road, in via dell'Arcoveggio, where there is no ramp. The issue happens only with reiseplaner maps, which i usually prefer because of better coverage of my area. With osm binary file the proposed route is ok.
Device is a nokia n810, i've installed navit from this file and you can find my navit.xml here: [[BR]]
mail: monghitri nospam at
#297 fixed could navit asks if i want to drive on toll roads? KaZeR Ernia
Description Here in Italy we (unfortunately) pay a (too high) toll everytime we use highways. Usually highways are useful only on long trip, today navit wanted me take a highway in a 30 km trip, with some free roads available.
My experience in navigation software were that somewhere there was an option that make the program asks me if it should uses toll roads in calculating route or not. Would it be possible implement something like that through a menu or in navit.xml?
#299 duplicate illegal route cp15 Ernia
Description same as #296 but two different points:
mg:0x13338b 0x54be09 type=bookmark label="p1" [[BR]]
mg:0x1331f7 0x54bf5d type=bookmark label="p2" [[BR]]
all the rest of the data are the same.[[BR]]
i have some similar issue with following points, but osm doesn't work well in both directions.
mg:0x134b79 0x54b7a7 type=bookmark label="p3"[[BR]]
mg:0x1346e1 0x548837 type=bookmark label="p4"[[BR]]
mg:0x1347e3 0x5492b1 type=bookmark label="error"[[BR]]
mg:0x134837 0x548af0 type=bookmark label="error1"[[BR]]
while routing from p3 to p4 or from p4 to p3 using reiseplaner maps cause illegal route in point "error" (no ramp), routing with osm bin file (see #296 for details) works well from p3 to p4 but from p4 to p3 lead to a wrong route (not illegal but unreasonably long) because doesn't turn right at point "error1".
gmap link:,11.364434&mrt=all&sll=44.522894,11.364208&sspn=0.003741,0.006909&ie=UTF8&ll=44.523544,11.364434&spn=0.007481,0.013819&z=16 [[BR]]
maybe would be better split up the ticket in two?
mail: monghitri nospam at
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