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#556 fixed "command" in roadbook always shows distance in meters KaZeR xcoldfyrex
Description the distance for the the command is always shown in meters. this seems to create a very high time listed in the roadbook. for example, one leg of the trip is shown as 1,250,000 meters. the length column is properly shown as 1,250.2 meters. the time column shown however is shown as 624:24:33.
#115 fixed "meins" does not make sense as a vehicle? somebody kiddo
Description what is that "meins" thing that seems to be my vehicle?

seems like something that was in the navit.xml file but shouldn't be, because it's not translated.
#972 worksforme "set marker" button Singesang benedikt bauer bb
Description I have done some longer trips with navit navigation within the last days. On each trip there were some points where the navigation did not work quite well. Either the information presented by map and speech did not fit reality or the directives given by the speech engine did not fit the route shown on the map. At this points I wished I had some feature where I can set a marker or bookmark to refind these points later at home and to check on openstreetmap, if it was a bug of the openstreetmap data or of the navigation engine.

I could imagine this feature as a maybe semitransparent button-like area on the map display that sets some kind of track point if it's hit. This would make it possible to set a use it while driving as one only has to shortly touch the screen to use it. Back at home (or where ever) one would need some menu point to display the track points one has set.

Ideally it would be possible to switch this feature on and off somewhere in the menu(default setting should be off that users with lower geek factor don't get confused).
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