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#193 fixed left and right are reversed on a particular route cp15 kiddo
Description try routing from Point 0xff834eb0 0x56b37f or Point 0xff8350aa 0x56b3e2 to Point 0xff834f5b 0x56b42c

In the first case, it will say to turn right (wrong)
In the second case, it will say to turn left (wrong again).

I don't understand why this happens.
#195 fixed zooming in gui internal takes two steps cp15 udo
Description H2210 ipaq, gui_internal on gtk
navigating menu goes OK but a bit slow
zooming on the map using the osd buttons works but does two zoom steps on one screen tick with the stylus

svn revision 1244 and before
#196 fixed Add translation to "Add bookmark" window KaZeR arie <yonatanhak@…>
Description The window title and the "name" label should have an entry in the PO file.
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