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#1155 fixed Maptool memory usage optimization tryagain tryagain
Description It looks like we have hit our hardware limits with maptool. It has now peak memory consumption above 10G, but server cant give it so much.

That might be related to osm growth, our recent code changes.

I'm aware of memory leaks in the relation processing code, and will attempt to address them when i get to my dev environment next week.

For now, i see two possible solutions, one is to split maptool run into two parts with -s and -e options to drop any leaks between runs. If that won't help, i will try to reduce -S value (slice size), which though might increase processing time.

I do not think that increasing swap size is a way to go, but depending on how efficiently we'll be able to address memory apettites of maptool, server might require a memory upgrade.

#1185 fixed Document shapefile map driver KaZeR tryagain
Description We have support for shapefile map format in navit.

But there seems to be no documentation for this driver.

As far as I can see from the code, navit uses additional mapfilename'''.dbfmap''' file to do mapping between shapefile and navit item/attribute types.

I would like to have description of this file and some usage example on our wiki.

I think this map driver could be usable to use data for overview map from
#1304 fixed Turns on minor road networks are not announced jandegr tryagain
Description When I drive on a road mesh consisting of street_service and/or living_street, I have only announces like "follow the road for next XXX meters". Not a word is spoken about turn direction.

For example, route from a point at to a point at

Looks like this issue arises always when you navigate from the minor (service, living_street) road. Regardless of destination road type, there's no direction info given.
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