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#209 fixed Autoincrement for bookmark names cp15 SlowRider <geeemmixx add gmx doth ned>
Description When setting a bookmark via RMB click on the map, the name gets created as MapPoint xxxN yyyE. If a bookmark action was added (as requested in #208) an autoincremented bookmark name (001, 002, 003 ...) was very useful.
#210 fixed Save bookmarks as gpx waypoints? cp15 SlowRider <geeemmixx add gmx doth ned>
Description Bookmarks currently use their own file format. I wonder if bookmarks (and even other files?) could use gpx waypoints insted, so the data was a bit more exchangable between applications.
#214 fixed "Night mode" KaZeR anonymous
Description using navit in a car at night blinds the user.

i dont know if one has to change rendering styles for this feature. but an option like in gpsdrive (autoswitch to nightmode depending on time) would be great.
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