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#732 duplicate startup on wrong location (from xml file?) KaZeR zoff99
Description major bug (in SVN 3861) in android version:

now navit starts at some strange location (probably from xml file) and it takes very long to get a fix
it should really start from the last known fix location (which should be saved regulary, or at least on shutdown)
#743 worksforme use Navit as default Navigation on Android phone (selectable) cp15 zoff99
Description in latest svn functionalty is already in place.
now all i need is a C-callback to set destination to "lat","lon" geo coordinates.
can somebody please implement

this info i already have when navit is called with coords:

****A android.intent.action.VIEW
****D google.navigation:q=48.27662,16.42245
#764 Incomplete/Missing infos android version wont build if you start from a clean build system cp15 zoff99
Description here is the log from the current buildserver (

configure command:

configure --prefix=/usr --host=arm-eabi-linux_android --enable-avoid-unaligned --enable-avoid-float --enable-cache-size=10485760 --enable-svg2png-scaling=8,16,32,48,64,96 --enable-svg2png-scaling-nav=59 --enable-svg2png-scaling-flag=32 --enable-transformation-roll --enable-plugin-pedestrian --with-android-permissions=CAMERA --with-xslts=android,plugin_menu,pedestrian_button,pedestrian --with-android-project=1

ant log:

[setup] Android SDK Tools Revision 8
[setup] Project Target: Android 2.3
[setup] API level: 9
[setup] ------------------
[setup] Resolving library dependencies:
[setup] No library dependencies.
[setup] ------------------
[setup] WARNING: Attribute minSdkVersion in AndroidManifest.xml (3) is lower than the project target API level (9)
[setup] Importing rules file: tools/ant/main_rules.xml

now here is what it says on the wiki:

./configure PKG_CONFIG=arm-eabi-pkgconfig RANLIB=arm-eabi-ranlib AR=arm-eabi-ar CC="arm-eabi-gcc -L$NDK/platforms/android-3/arch-arm/usr/lib -L. -I$NDK/platforms/android-3/arch-arm/usr/include" CXX=arm-eabi-g++ --host=arm-eabi-linux_android --enable-avoid-float --enable-avoid-unaligned --enable-cache-size=20971520 --enable-svg2png-scaling=8,16,32,48,64,96 --enable-svg2png-scaling-nav=59 --enable-svg2png-scaling-flag=32 --with-xslts=android --with-saxon=saxon-xslt (replace $NDK with the appropriate path)

it says "android-3" but on build server it seems to be unsing api level 9
so which is it?
it should be set to android-4 (android 1.6), lower is not supported anyway
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