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#879 fixed no vehicle on wince (4.x)
Description Hello,

I have played around with a "Falk N80" device (a WinCE 4.2 maschine) and I think, thats the vehicle_wince has a bug.

I have configured a GPS-device on wince:COM2: an in the logfile i will see a "wait for connect" message.

I have take a look in the code (my prefered programming language is Java not C) an I think, that vehicle_wince_open () works not correctly.

In the log you can find this:

3651.579188|vehicle_wince:vehicle_wince_open:enter vehicle_wince_open, priv->source='COM2: baud=4800'
3651.584607|vehicle_wince:vehicle_wince_open:serial('', 'baud=4800')

I think, the first String should not empty, when source is COM2.
#1114 fixed WinCE Route Description turn point error алексей черепанов
Description On WinCE when select Route Description turn points are

"Turn $s$s $s$s"

and don't contain any information.
#1177 fixed Search does not find interpolated house numbers from OSM sleske
Description When using data from OpenStreetMap, Navit's search does not find interpolated house numbers (numbers indicated by a way with tag addr:interpolation).


House number 23 of Gottfried-Daniels-Straße, Köln, Germany.

OSM data has an interpolation for numbers 9 to 37: . Nominatim will therefore find the address:

If I search for Gottfried-Daniels-Straße, Köln in Navit's search dialog (internal GUI / Town) and start the housenumber search, typing "2" only offers numbers 2 and 24.

This is with SVN rev. 5654, and a binfile map from from early October 2013.
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