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#40 fixed Routing for different vehicles (car,bus,bicycle,foot) wanted KaZeR hafting
Description Navit currently routes cars. Still, it directed me to use a bus-only road.[[BR]]

Different modes for different uses would be nice.[[BR]]

* car: Use all roads open to cars, and prefer the best [[BR]]
* bus: allow bus-only roads as well, otherwise as for cars[[BR]]
* bus,truck: Avoid roads(bridges etc.) with weight/sizerestrictions. Vehicle weight and size should be configurable.[[BR]]
* bicycle: prefer cycleways, disallow motorways[[BR]]
* foot: prefer footways, disallow motorways
#43 fixed Street names are displayed in bad ways KaZeR hafting
Description There are several problems with street names:
* They are mostly printed on long straight sections of road. So curved roads, even slight curves don't get a name at all. It looks like the road isn't named. Names that follow the turns in the road would help.

* It looks like names are printed over and over, once for each straight segment if they are long enough. So some names occur over and over, and overlaps slightly. After a name there should be a pause of some length, where the name isn't printed again. This avoids "crowding".

* When a road is displayed much wider than the text height, please use a bigger font. The small fonts are necessary with lots of small roads, but bigger writing is much easier to read while driving.
#50 invalid SDL-gui doesn't work on my system since sone libraries can't be loaded - TLS problem KaZeR Kripton <kripton@…>
Description I installed and used navit successfully on my 32-bit-system and wanted to use it on my 64-bit Gentoo-machine. The GTK-gui works fine, but when I try to use the SDL/Cegui-GUI, I get these errors:
** (process:30338): WARNING **: can't load '/usr/lib/navit/graphics/', Error '/usr/lib/ cannot allocate memory in static TLS block'
** (process:30338): WARNING **: can't load '/usr/lib/navit/gui/', Error '/usr/lib/ cannot allocate memory in static TLS block'
After recompiling cegui, quesoglc and navit several times with different combinations of CFLAGS and different versions of gcc I still didn't have any success.

After some time I tried this a workaround:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/navit/graphics/ navit
this works but it complains a little:
sh: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/navit/graphics/ undefined symbol: debug_level

cp15 proposed this one:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ navit
which works, too and doesn't even complain about missing symbols
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