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#188 duplicate (OSM map) Road name/reference repeated too often cp15 avantman42
Description Using an OSM map, svn revision 1234

Road names & reference numbers are repeated too often, making the map look excessively cluttered. Sometimes they are repeated so frequently that they overlap themselves, becoming difficult to read.

On the attached screenshot, it is not possible to read the "A5013" label properly where the road is close to the M6 (it's clearer, but looks cluttered, further away from the M6)
#1171 fixed *.bin filter doesn't work as expected KaZeR usul
Description To make my configuration comfortable, I use this line to add all binfiles in a directory:

<mapset enabled="yes">
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="$NAVIT_SHAREDIR/maps/*.bin"/>
This works of course, but it''' only adds the first matching binfile''' :( Furthermore just this line is displayed in the '''UI maplist''', but not the dedicated binfiles it adds.

Steps to reproduce:
* Compile navit
* Download a new area as a seperated binfile in ./maps/ directory
* Change navit.xml with the mentioned lines
#157 fixed *_link keys in osm2navit cp15 latouche@…
Description Roads tagged as highway=secondary_link are not recognized by osm2navit leading to missing junctions. Even if secondary_link is not referenced in OSM wiki, they can exist: OSM gurus told me that "*_link roads are roads that link to a *"

Therefore, I propose to add highway=secondary_link and highway=tertiary_link as ramps in osm2navit.c

Patch attached
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