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#1338 fixed CircleCI fails on translation update when running on trunk of forked repo KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description I see CircleCI tests frequently failing when updating translations. The command is the following:

curl "${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -H "$lp_cookie" -H "Referer:${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -F file=@bin/po/navit.pot | grep title

Exit code is 1 and output is the following:

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

curl "${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -H "$lp_cookie" -H "Referer:${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -F file=@bin/po/navit.pot | grep title returned exit code 1

100 37058 100 86 100 36972 164 70742 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 83270 Action failed: curl "${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -H "$lp_cookie" -H "Referer:${CIRCLE_BRANCH}/+translations-upload" -F file=@bin/po/navit.pot | grep title

I've only seen it happen on my own repo and on the trunk branch, not on the official (navit-gps) repo nor on any other branch. This makes it impossible to verify on something I've committed to my own trunk before pushing it to the main repo.

I'm no expert on this, but I believe I shouldn't be uploading any translations from a private fork of Navit. Thus, this step should probably include a check to determine whether Navit was cloned from the main repo, and if not, this step should be skipped.
#1336 fixed Release number is not set correctly for Android builds cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description When building an APK from a feature branch, it gets an outdated release number. This confuses apps like F-Droid, which will constantly announce an update even when the update is in fact older than what is currently installed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Switch to a feature branch on which the last commit has no tag.
2. Build a Navit APK.
3. Install the APK.
4. Examine the APK in System > Apps.
5. View the history of your branch in gitk.

Android shows an outdated release number, i.e. lower than the last tag in the branch history. I haven't quite figured out how that release number is obtained – it may be the last tagged branch that was built on that machine.

In any case, the cleaner way to solve this would be to look for the last tag in the history of the branch and use that for the release number.
#1335 fixed Localized navigational messages are broken on Android Lollipop KaZeR tryagain

While working on #1331, we have discovered that Russian navigational messages on Lollipop emulator are broken too. Route description in internal GUI shows route distance and time in the first line, followed by a number off empty (but selectable) lines.

It looks like translated format strings, when passed to printf()-like function, are truncated on the first non-7-bit-ASCII character.

Solution for #1331 doesn't work here because we have lots of translated strings containing printf()-style argument references.
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