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#93 fixed warnings about code when compiling under gentoo, with ebuild somebody KaZeR
Description * QA Notice: Package has poor programming practices which may compile
* fine but exhibit random runtime failures.

destination.c:416: warning: implicit declaration of function 'gtk_socket_steal'

osd_core.c:85: warning: implicit declaration of function 'vehicle_dir_get'
#149 fixed wait until gps fix is 100% somebody udo
Description Do not try to move the map to bogus locations coming from the gps on startup. Wait until the gps has a fix.

Effect now: map goes blank, later returns to my hometown. (blank confuses me)
#1015 fixed vehicle_new:invalid type 'demo' cp15
Description On my Android system (Motorola Defy+) I cannot use the demo-vehicle.
I get always the log-message
E navit : navit:vehicle_new:invalid type 'demo'

This is independent whether LocalGps is enabled too.
In the example iI took the navit.xml from Version 0.2.0 and modified only the LocalGPS to not enabled and the Demo to Enabled and Active.
I will try to add the navit.xml and the part of logcat-file.
The effect is the same in newer versions (e.g. navit-svn-4952).

On Windows-XP and Windows-CE the same approach did work
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