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#284 fixed Improve menu performance on N8x0 cp15 Gerritv
Description This patch addresses performance when displaying icons etc. using gui/internal. E.g the menus take a nooticeable time to draw and update. This is becuase the code tries to use svg re-scale which is only suported for svgt, and the images are all svg. The 3rd attempt is to use pre-scaled .png files. The patch moves pre-scaled .png to be first choice resulting in a crisp UI feel.

The same approach may apply to other GUI as well as to other devices. In fact since this change would not impact high speed devices, I recommend that this be in place for all platforms.
#285 fixed Fix some svg format icons files KaZeR Gerritv
Description Three are some errors/format problems inside a few of the .sgv icons. This affects prescaling using rsvg-convert. Also the gui_quit.svg icon was not displaying properly on the N8x0 and perhaps other devices.

See attached file for diffs.
#287 fixed remove verbosity from gui/gtk cp15 Gerritv
Description There are printf's in gui/gtk/datawindow.c which shouldn't exist.

--- destination.c (revision 2001)
+++ destination.c (working copy)
@@ -135,8 +135,7 @@
while (*column_text) {
- printf("column_text=%p\n", column_text);
- printf("*column_text=%s\n", *column_text);
+ dbg(1,"column_text is %s:\n", column_text);
GtkCellRenderer *cell=gtk_cell_renderer_text_new();
gtk_tree_view_insert_column_with_attributes (GTK_TREE_VIEW (param->treeview),-1, gettext(*column_text), cell, "text", i, NULL);
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