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#224 wontfix ./configure does not detect lack of and for sdl gui cp15 anonymous
Description navit fails to compile if the sdl gui is enabled and these files are missing.

./configure should disable sdl gui if and are not found.

Configure suggests packages - presumably for rpm based systems?
"you are missing (libsdl maybe?) quesoglc cegui-devel >= 0.5 "

The package list for debian based systems could also be listed, eg for ubuntu Hardy:

libsdl1.2-dev libglut3-dev libcegui-mk2-dev libglc-dev libdevil-dev libfribidi-dev

These seem to be the same in debian etch, with the exception of libglc-dev which I can not find after a very quick search
#649 duplicate 3D Routing with OSM and SRTM data KaZeR robin
Description I have just had a chat with the developer of and he told me that he gets his height maps and 3d routing done with combining the openstreetmap 2d data together with SRTM data.
Is there anything similar planned for navit?
#189 fixed 3D View on mobile Device KaZeR surfer_cid
Description Dear all, is it possible to work Navit in 3d View mode (cegui opengl) on mobile devices? I have read no information about this. For instance TuxMobile or on Sharp Zaurus?
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