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#1334 fixed Certain OSD enable_expressions fail to evaluate on OSD initialization, succeed on later attr changes mvglasow (2) mvglasow (2)
Description While working on a new OSD (`navigation_status`), I noticed some odd behavior from `enable_expression`: Certain expressions will fail to evaluate when the OSD is first created. The error code is `not_ready`, indicating that the expression was never evaluated. (The structure member that stores the last error is initialized with that value, so this is the error that would result if one queried an expression before its forst evaulation.) Subsequent evaluations, which take place whenever one of the attributes used in the expression changes, complete succesfully and the expected value is returned.

The weird thing is that this behavior is selective, affecting certain expressions but not others.

Expressions that work correctly:
* `navigation.nav_status!=0`

Expressions for which the first evaluation fails:
* `navigation.nav_status==-1 || navigation.nav_status==1 || navigation.nav_status==2`
* `navigation.nav_status!=-2 && navigation.nav_status!=0 && navigation.nav_status!=3`

(ampersand characters properly escaped in XML, as with all other special characters).

I did not yet conduct any further tests with other OSDs and expressions, but since my OSD does no special handling regarding its `enable_expression` but relies on the generic OSD functions shared with all other OSDs, I suspect this is a generic bug. I will conduct some further tests to see how it affects other OSDs and attributes, and then report back.
#1333 fixed XML files do not get re-generated reliably on build KaZeR mvglasow (2)
Description When building with cmake, `navit*.xml` files seem to get generated only if they are not present in the build dir or if one of the C source files has changed. Changing one of the XSL files will not trigger a rebuild.

Steps to reproduce:
* Build Navit for Android following the normal cmake build procedures.
* Change one of the XSL files, e.g. `osd_minimum.xsl`.
* Build again ('''do not''' clean the build dir).
* Examine the XML files which were generated. The modification to the XSL file is not reflected.
* Delete the XML file and build again.
* Examine the XML files again. Now the change will be reflected.

Suggestion: unless we have logic to determine if one of the input files was changed (which might be complex), just generate the XML files from scratch on every build. (As far as I can tell, this is what is done for bitmaps. Generating the XML files is much quicker, so the performance penalty should be negligible.)
#1332 fixed Lag when reading reports from gpsd KaZeR sleske
Description In , grep42 reports:

After driving for a while, navit started to lag behind several minutes
on my system. [...]
The problem occurred on a raspberry pi running Navit, while doing other
stuff in the background. When the problem occurred, the system was under
a permanent high load.
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