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#95 worksforme vehicle_gpsd is linked against the wrong gpsd library kazer anonymous
Description Target platform: EEEpc 701 FR

Due to a bug in my GPS device firware I had to download and compile the latest version of gpsd (2.37)
So I done it.

After, I download NavIt source from CSV repository, and compile performing the following steps:[[BR]]

1 - sudo ./[[BR]]

2 - sudo ./configure --disable-binding-python[[BR]]

3 - sudo make

Once it was done, I try to launch NavIt, but i got error messages (see binding copy / past on pastebin @

Following checks done:[[BR]]
#> ls /home/user/navit/src/vehicle/gpsd/.libs/libvehicle*

#> sudo find /* -name

So libraries seem to be where they are supposed to be.

Probably due to the fact that vehicle_gpsd is linked against the wrong gpsd library
#341 fixed values from heap in route.c are not monotonic? KaZeR
Description Ok, so there's an Dijkstra's algorithm there:

p_min=fh_extractmin(heap); /* Starting Dijkstra by selecting the point with the minimum costs on the heap */

...that means that p_min->value's should come in increasing order, right? Well, after some debugging I found out that they do not; either there's something very wrong with my reasoning, or there's nasty bug hidden in somewhere. I'm getting

end 817 len 266 vs 285 (0x137b84,0x5d57f7)

got smaller than minimum, something is wrong here

...with my debug prints. I'll attach my debugging hacks.
#771 fixed using android keyboard: (german) umlaute not accepted zoff99 kaamikaze
Description When using android keyboard by long pressing the menu button and typing letters, navit ignors umlaute.
But navit is capable of handling this umlaute since its own keyboard has a button to switch from normal characters to umlaute.

Found this behaviour when searching for the german city Lübeck.

navit version used: 3941
on Samsung Galaxy i9000
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