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#1331 fixed Coordinates in internal GUI get clipped on Android Lollipop cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description After upgrading from Android KitKat to Lollipop, I notice that wherever coordinates are displayed by the internal GUI, they get clipped. For example, on Linux (as well as Android KitKat and earlier) the map position in the menu will show something like

51°45'24" N
19°30'23" E

while on Android Lollipop this becomes


This affects not only menu items but also dialogs (e.g. when picking a town in Search).

I've observed this on R6297, as well as an earlier version (just after the HighFive merge and still before the switch to SVN). Since this issue affects only the latest Android version, it's likely that it was there all the time and we just never noticed it before.
#1326 fixed Sourcecode storage unclean KaZeR tuxmaster
Description Today there exits to links to the source code:
July 2015 : We have moved the code to GitHub
If you rather want to build it yourself, the latest version in the SVN Repository should always work pretty well.
Try: svn co svn:// navit

In which version control system are the right for now?
#1325 fixed Android: action bar takes up screen real estate cp15 mvglasow (2)
Description The recent switch of the target API version from 7 to 19 has given Navit a contemporary look and feel, but it has the side effect of adding an action bar at the top of the screen, which reduces the space available for map display.

The only reason for having the action bar seems to be the menu button (or more correctly, the action bar overflow button).

I've googled around a bit, and the only way to get the legacy menu button in the navigation bar (at the bottom of the screen) is to target API 11, 12 or 13 and require a minimum API of 10 or lower. However, once we target API 14+ this no longer works – thus it's not really an option for us as it would bar us from using any of the more recent UI features.

Maybe we can find another way to bring up the Android menu and get rid of the action bar?
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