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POI Longitude Distance:

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Distance from Lontitude in step 3x equal - 1x larger (by about 66,66%) - 3x equal - 1x larger ... !

Is LONTITUDE the recurring large gap normal ?

Entry in text file:

mg:13.04596 47.79788 type=poi_social_service label="Salzburger Dom"
mg:13.04596 47.79786 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral"
mg:13.04596 47.79784 type=poi_customf label="+43(662)844-1890"
mg:13.04596 47.79782 type=poi_customf label="Dommuseum"
mg:13.04596 47.79780 type=poi_customf label="Domgrabungen"
mg:13.04596 47.79778 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral excavations"
mg:13.04596 47.79776 type=poi_customf label="Führungen Montag-Freitag  ab 14:00 Uhr"
mg:13.04596 47.79774 type=poi_customf label="Guided tours Monday-Friday from 14:00"

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by usul

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what this ticket is about? Can you please give us more details on the usecase, the scenario and which version we are talking about?

The only thing I notice, is that you logged some content about this area at Austria?

Anyway, thanks for the bugreport!

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by winterwarm29

The distance I could see in the creation of the text file over a year ago.

Current: SVN 0.5.0-5543

Android 4.0.3 480x800 pixel

In the text file shown above, Longitude is uniformly reduced by the value of 2. On the display the individual lines do appear at the specified distance.

Example: see screenshot wiki user:hermann Waypoint_Eishöhle2.png

In addition to the typeface, a tranparent background shows the overlap of the same high beams.

I think, it can't be, to get the jumps in the digital readout on the display.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by sleske

Sorry, but your comment still does not make sense.

Please explain how you produced the output in the bug report (Navit config, map data, commands you used), and why you think it is wrong (and what the right output should have been). Then maybe we can help...

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by winterwarm29

Map: OSM.bin Austria

Rules: north

Use this as textfile “A-sight_seeing.txt“ for Demo

13.04596 47.79788 type=poi_social_service label="Salzburger Dom"

13.04596 47.79786 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral"

13.04596 47.79784 type=poi_customf label="+43(662)844-1890"

13.04596 47.79782 type=poi_customf label="Dommuseum"

13.04596 47.79780 type=poi_customf label="Domgrabungen"

13.04596 47.79778 type=poi_customf label="Cathedral excavations"

13.04596 47.79776 type=poi_customf label="Führungen Montag-Freitag ab 14:00 Uhr"

13.04596 47.79774 type=poi_customf label="Guided tours Monday-Friday from 14:00"

13.003385 47.713106 type=poi_social_service label="Schellenberger Eishöhle 1570m"

13.003385 47.713086 type=poi_customf label="Führung von 10.00 - 16.00 Uhr (volle“

13.003385 47.713066 type=poi_customf label="Stunde, Jahreszeitabhängig). Größte“

13.003385 47.713046 type=poi_customf label="Eishöhle Deutschlands mit Eisfahnen,“

13.003385 47.713026 type=poi_customf label="Eisfällen, ca.30m dicke Eisschichten“

13.003385 47.713006 type=poi_customf label="Gehzeit: ab Untersbergbahn 1,5-2 Std“

13.003385 47.712986 type=poi_customf label="Gehzeit: aus dem Tal 3,5-4 Std“

Entry GUI: (to enable Layer, Activation somehow "" I have not succeeded)

<img cond='navit.get_int_var(&quot;eigene&quot;)==0' src='/sdcard/navit/Maske/poi_C.png' onclick='navit.say("Eigene ein"); navit.toggle_layer(&quot;my&quot;); navit.set_int_var(&quot;eigene&quot;,1);refresh();'> <text>POI-EIGENE</text></img> <img cond='navit.get_int_var(&quot;eigene&quot;)==1' src='/sdcard/navit/Maske/poi_O.png' onclick='navit.say("Eigene aus"); navit.toggle_layer(&quot;my&quot;); navit.set_int_var(&quot;eigene&quot;,0);refresh();'> <text>POI-EIGENE</text></img>

Entry mapset:

<mapset enabled="yes">

<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" active="yes" data="/sdcard/navit/m/osm.bin" />

<map type="textfile" enabled="yes" active="no" data="/sdcard/navit/m/A-sight_seeing.txt" />


Entry POI: All <icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture.png" /> rows are not required for a Demo.

(poi_customf): I use in textfile with more text.

<layer name="my" active="0"> <itemgra item_types="poi_customf" order="16">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture K.png" /> (special ICON 486x27)

<circle color="#000000" radius="0" text_size="10" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_customf" order="17">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture .png" /> (special ICON 670x43)

<circle color="#000000" radius="0" text_size="14" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_customf" order="18">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture G.png" />(special ICON 900x66)

<circle color="#000000" radius="0" text_size="18" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_social_service" order="6-15">

<icon src="church_16_16.png" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_social_service" order="16">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture K.png" />

<icon src="church_16_16.png" /> <circle color="#004000" radius="0" text_size="10" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_social_service" order="17">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/8culture .png" />

<icon src="church.png" /> <circle color="#004000" radius="0" text_size="15" />

</itemgra> <itemgra item_types="poi_social_service" order="18">

<icon src="/sdcard/navit/POI-infra/culture G.png" />

<icon src="church.png" /> <circle color="#004000" radius="0" text_size="20" />

</itemgra> </layer>

Equally different line spacings arise at all points, whether 2D or 3D, might result from the grid calculation of Longitude.

The right output should have uniform spacing of mutually related text.

Have I missed something?

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by sleske

Ok, to summarize your problem:

  • You are using a textfile to show informative text on a map. You do this by defining (pseudo) POIs whose label is the text you want to display.
  • To get multiple lines of text, you create multiple POIs in the textfile, with equally spaced longitude values, to get equally spaced lines of text.
  • However, for equally spaced longitude values, sometimes the spacing of the lines in the display is uneven.

Is that your problem?

In that case, I'm afraid we'll have to close this as WONTFIX:

First, the reason you get uneven spacing are rounding errors in coordinate calculations. Navit is not always perfectly accurate in coordinate calculations, so this can happen, usually at high zoom levels. You will see that the line spacing is even if you make the longitude spacing larger and view the text at a lower zoom level, because at lower zoom levels there are less rounding errors.

Changing this would be a lot of work, and since Navit is a routing software, high-precision map display is not its primary purpose, so I don't think it would be worth it.

Secondly, displaying multi-line text by using several POIs does not seem like a good idea anyway - it's complicated to set up, and most importantly the line spacing is only correct at one zoom level. It looks like what you really need is a way to have line breaks in POI labels, isn't it?

It that is what you want, then consider opening a new ticket asking for the ability to have line breaks in POI labels in a textfile.

comment:6 Changed 10 years ago by winterwarm29

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  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Summary changed from POI Longtitude Distance: to POI Longitude Distance:

Thought of a simple conversion of the calculation. For a line break, I am afraid the same topic, however, would be quite useful for house_number and circle text_size.

The navigation is fine for me, I try the advanced use of the existing possibilities.

Thanks you for the clear description.

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