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GPS/Vehicle activation/deactivation logic - menu structure

Reported by: tylla Owned by: cp15
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Component: gui/internal Version: git master
Severity: normal Keywords: gui gps vehicle


I was thinking about the current method of enabling/disabling the GPS (vehicle) and I think it could use some rethinking. Currently if a manual position has been set ("Set as position (and deactivate vehicle)"), the vehicle gets deactivated, which means the "Vehicle position" menu point in the internal GUI is hidden, and one has to enter the "Settings/Advanced/Vehicle?" menu to be able to re-enable the vehicle/GPS. Not to mention that currently once a position is set, there is no way to find out what is this position or use it in any way. This is really non-intuitive and complicated. I for myself use the method of simply quiting and restarting Navit to re-enable the GPS.

I was thinking about how the current functionality could be improved. What I am thinking of is to change the "Vehicle position" menu to be always shown, only that some new info should be displayed that warns the user that the GPS is disabled and the position is fixed (like co-ordinates displayed in red and some text like (GPS off)). This would have the added benefit, that the set position could be used as the map position. Furthermore the option to re-enable the GPS/vehicle should be included in the "Vehicle location" so one could easily and quickly re-enable the GPS.

I was wondering whether this is a bug or an enhancement, currently I am tending to consider this a usability issue, and as so a defect, but feel free to correct it, or share your opinion about it.

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