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Problems in Planet-Extractor

Reported by: tylla Owned by: cp15
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I saw some problems in the Planet Extractor and I thought I'll report them.

  • the menu that lets one choose the Predefined Areas has a bug, where the sub-menu gets displayed one raw higher than it's parent menu item, so it makes some selections impossible (Europe->Eastern Europe->Greece has one sub-menu Crete, but there is only a few pixel wide part where you can move your mouse between the two rectangles other ways the menu gets closed)
  • the predefined area of Europe is too small, it should include Iceland and Ukraine too
  • the predefined area of Western Europe is too big, it contains all of Europe (except for some small part of Norway and Iceland)
  • the predefined area of Eastern Europe doesn't exist, at least if selected nothing happens
  • the predefined area of Greece consists of nothing more than a line
  • the same goes for Bulgaria
  • the predefined area of Hungary has some northern parts cut off
  • no predefined area for Slovakia, Slovenia

Maybe there are more but I stopped at this point.

These problems affect the test Planet Extractor as well (

At some time in the past I tried to submit some areas, but there was no effect.

Is somebody reading these submits? Who should I contact about these problems? How can I fix these problems? (these are not really hard things to fix, I am willing to put some time in this, to clean up a little bit) What is the status of the testing planet extractor, will it get rolled out in the near future?

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  • no predefined area for Slovakia, Slovenia

Despite #787.

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