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Improve announcement for ramps

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When the road after a maneuver is a ramp, announcing names is a bit more complex. Since ramps often don't have names, it would be desirable to announce the road to be reached over that ramp.

To this end I would introduce two new fields to navigation.item: route_name and route_name_systematic. On roads that are not ramps, their content would be identical to street_name and street_name_systematic. On ramps with a blank street_name and/or street_name_systematic, these fields would be populated with the route_name and route_name_systematic of the next road (recursively). That way, when the next maneuver is to turn onto an unnamed ramp, these fields show the name and ref of the road to be reached over that ramp.

Details of how to populate this field still have to be worked out:

  • handling ramps with names (use the name of the ramp or that of the following road)
  • handling unnamed non-ramp roads (should we apply the same logic, possibly with a limit on recursion depth?)

Note that the content of the two new fields would depend on the route. If a ramp splits in two and these sections lead to different roads, the shared piece will have a different name depending on the maneuver at its end.

I will have to look into the code to see if that kind of dynamic naming is feasible, though.

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Hi, I took a little different approach in solving the puzzle. First a Navit screenshot to illustrate

the '7 Deinze' in the second textfield of the OSD is actually the ref and label I took from the exit node, as present in OSM

The 'Deinze;Gavere;Nazareth' in the FOLLOW DESTINATION textfield of the OSD is the destination info from OSM.

Maybe it's worth to look at the subject of this ticket in another manner.

You can find the maptool part used for this in #1082

And how does all this relate to this ticket ? as example: exit '7 Deinze' is used as streetname for the unnamed exit-ramp, and I threw in 'follow destination' as a bonus.

regards, Jan

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I had a chat with Jan, and this has been addressed with the merge of HighFive?

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