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Better route visibility

Reported by: tonellobello Owned by: KaZeR
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Hello there,

I have used Navit on Android for many local and long routes in Italy where I live and abroad and I think something that could be greatly improved is visibility of calculated route. This becomes especially important in big cities, where roads can be very tight and overlapped. Overlapping happens a lot also around highway exits and this can make this issue more critical.

Navit currently highlights route under the road. Most commercial products highlight the road itself.

If a road part of the route goes below another, overlapping road hides its highlight. I have seen that some commercial products just ignore "z-index", that is, put a road part of a route always in the foreground despite it being below another.

When highlighting a route, commercial products usually put also arrows on the road following the direction of the route. This can help a lot in situations where a road turns around and overlaps with itself, as can happen many times in highway entrance/exit.

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