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GTK+ context menu - traffic distortion (blocked) and copying coordinates to clipboard not working

Reported by: joaopirralha Owned by: cp15
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Component: gui/gtk Version: git master
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When I open the context menu in a road and choose <street> → Traffic distortion → Blocked, nothing happens, even if I recalculate and redraw or do it before setting the current position and destination points. Max speed and Delay may also not be working. Also, Traffic distortion and its children are missing translations.

In addition, when I open the context menu in a point and choose <point> → <coordinates format>, nothing is copied to the clipboard, as one might expect.

I joined these two issues together as they might be caused by the same problem in the context menu itself.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by mvglasow (2)

Traffic distortions are indeed not implemented completely. Currently they are written to a file in Navit’s data directory. The file is in fact a binfile map, which you can add to your mapset. Doing so will make traffic distortions visible in Navit. Routing will consider distortions, provided they are already present when calculating the route.

I am currently working on a true traffic framework, see #570.

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