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#242 reopened enhancement/feature request

follow="1" refresh="1" should be a togglable item in the GUI

Reported by: kiddo Owned by: KaZeR
Priority: minor Milestone: version 0.6.0
Component: core Version: git master
Severity: Keywords: usability, map

Description (last modified by usul)

Users can set their GPS source, in navit.xml, to be always centered on the map and orient the map automatically on position change. This is done like this, currently:

<vehicle name="GPS" enabled="yes" active="1" follow="1" refresh="1" source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj" color="#0000ff" color2="#ffffff" />

Now, this is fine for gurus and all that, but it would be much better to just provide a menu (and maybe toolbar) item, "[X] Recenter the map automatically". Why? Two reasons:

  • the xml configuration feature is not so easy to discover, and we want to make navit easy/fun to use for everyone
  • people like me sometimes want to toggle this behavior on/off without restarting navit. While on a car's backseat, I may want to toggle off all repositioning to look at some place else on the map. It would be great if I was able to do so without the map being repositioned every second, and then toggle the option on to get the autocentering active again.

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by KaZeR

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comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by Tinloaf

Currently, if you drag the map around, navit will not re-center for a certain amount of seconds (configurable in navit.xml). I don't think an UI option would be good at the moment, since navit does not yet have a "preferences" dialogue. If (or when..) such a thing will be implemented, there will surely be such an option. Shall we close this for now?

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by Tinloaf

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Since there was no answer, and users are able to look at some place on the map without navit recentering immediately, and a "toggle recentering" will be added when we have a preferences dialogue (I think..), I'm closing this for now.

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by Kiddo

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The reason I did not reply is that Trac *still* doesn't send me any notification emails :(

You said users can look at another place without the map recentering immediately: well it does recenter after 1 second... you don't have any time to see anything within 1 second. Or did that change?

Furthermore, you don't need a preferences dialog for that, just a checkbox in the menus.

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by Tinloaf

It did change some time ago - now, by default, the map will stay 10 seconds centered to wherever you dragged it to. If you think 10 seconds are not enough, you can reconfigure that with timeout="whatever" in your <navit>-tag.

comment:6 Changed 14 years ago by crueb

I tried but it does not seem to work for me (svn r2309). The commit you refer to is r1734 I assume.

When I drag the map it is automatically recentered after about 5 secs.

Do follow and update in vehicle section affect the drag timeout?

I have the following navit and vehicle sections:

<navit center="4808 N 1134 E" zoom="256" tracking="1" cursor="1" orientation="-1" recent_dest="10" drag_bitmap="yes">
<vehicle follow="5" update="1" name="Local GPS" profilename="car" enabled="yes" active="1" source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj" color="#0000ff">

So how can I get the timeout of 10secs when dragging? Also I could not find timeout in navit.dtd.

follow, update and timeout are still not really clear for me:

  • what is the use of update if follow is used?
  • is the dragging timeout ignored if follow is used?

Yes, I have looked into #153 #394 #301

comment:7 Changed 14 years ago by

I used this in navit and vehicle sections:

<navit center="52.3954 N 4.9143 E"

tracking="0" cursor="1" orientation="1" zoom="128" recent_dest="10" timeout='15'>

<vehicle name="Car" profilename="car" enabled="yes" active="0"

source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj" update="yes" color="#0000ff">

but still when I move the map such that the current position is off screen, it jumps back after a second.

comment:8 Changed 12 years ago by zoff99

thats all not really working! i can say for android version: 10 secs. delay after moving the map is bad, when you are in route mode. and 10 secs. delay to browse around is bad too, because its too little.

so i agree with kiddo. there should be zero delay!! when follow mode is on. and a clear visible toggle OSD to turn on/off togle mode and to browse the map.

if nobody will do this, i will do it (but only for android version)

comment:9 Changed 10 years ago by usul

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There is now a "Follow vehicle" option in the preferences/rules dialog. Is that what the issue was started for?

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