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#27 closed defect/bug (fixed)

segfault when using cegui

Reported by: KaZeR Owned by: KaZeR
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: gui/cegui Version: 0.0.3
Severity: Keywords:


 #0  0xb6ddb096 in __cxa_allocate_exception () from /usr/lib/
 #1  0xb7057a22 in CEGUI::DefaultResourceProvider::loadRawDataContainer () from /usr/lib/
 #2  0xb6f70241 in CEGUI::XercesParser::initialiseSchema () from /usr/lib/
 #3  0xb6f71552 in CEGUI::XercesParser::parseXMLFile () from /usr/lib/
 #4  0xb70891fc in CEGUI::Scheme::Scheme () from /usr/lib/
 #5  0xb708af5e in CEGUI::SchemeManager::loadScheme () from /usr/lib/
 #6  0xb72b9952 in init_sdlgui (skin_layout=0xb72c78b1 "TaharezLook", fullscreen=0) at gui_sdl_window.cpp:569
 #7  0xb72bdc10 in gui_sdl_new (nav=0x80c4f88, meth=0x80c50f0, attrs=0x80c50d0) at gui_sdl_window.cpp:752
 #8  0x08053490 in gui_new (nav=0x80c4f88, type=0x80752b0 "sdl", attrs=0x80c50d0) at gui.c:20
 #9  0x080624df in xmlconfig_gui (state=0x80c3fe0) at xmlconfig.c:238
 #10 0xb7eb03cd in g_markup_parse_context_parse () from /usr/lib/
 #11 0x0806272a in config_load (filename=0x806faf8 "/usr/local/share/navit/navit.xml", error=0xbfdcf580) at xmlconfig.c:766
 #12 0x0805432b in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfdd0634) at main.c:171
 Summary of your installation :
 GTK gui     : ENABLED
 SDL gui     : ENABLED, with -lCEGUIBase -lCEGUIOpenGLRenderer -lCEGUIFalagardWRBase -lCEGUIXercesParser -lCEGUITinyXMLParser -lCEGUIDevILImageCodec -lCEGUITGAImageCodec
 GPS support : DISABLED
 Garmin IMG  : DISABLED (you don't have libgarmin)
 Samplemap   : ENABLED

using gutsy gibbon/self compiled cegui

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Has been solved by currently forcing the parser to TinyXML

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