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multiple gps sources

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i'd prefer to have gps source as element on its own. assume you got two possible gps sources (say, a mouse and a phone) and wnat to use them alternating. one is available via localhost, the other one via network.

atm the gps source is an attribute of a vehicle, which meqans you would have to duplicate the devices -- for localhost and one for a remote ip each. having the gps sources as separate enties instead would only require a new source entry.

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A gps source is logically tied to a vehicle. If you have two different sources this normally means there are two different vehicles involved. Let's say there is heavy traffic and you want to follow another car. Losing sight of each other is no problem when they share their positions eg. via gprs which allows for safer driving.

I don't see why a mouse could be useful as a gps source but the localhost - remote host example is a common one. As I guess you are talking about navit.xml the only thing you are reusing of the vehicle definition is the cursor in the example.

So something like the following is actually all that's needed. In fact if one of the attributes shall be an element than the source is a much better candidate.

<vehicle name="Local GPS" profilename="car"
    enabled="yes" active="1" follow="1"
    source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj"
    cursorname="cursor" color="#0000ff"/>

Would be the cleaner approach than the current one as the relevant information is closer to each other in case of multiple vehicles. We all know how humans were born to read huge xml files.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by arne.anka

after some deliberation i guess i understand the vehicle concept -- and it does, what i want. two points: "I don't see why a mouse could be useful as a gps source" a _gps_ mouse, ie a small gps receiver to be connected via usb or bluetooth.

cursorname="cursor" where does cursorname come from? since the 4 or 5 vehicles predefined use identical <cursor> definitions as child of <vehicle>, it looks like <cursor> could be a child of <navit> and be referenced by that cursorname attribute -- but the wiki does not document taht attribute.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by sera

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From revision 2667 onwards cursors can be specified on a per layout basis.

Some initial information can be found here:

The document is a work in progress and will be moved when ready.

PS: What you refer to as mouse I would call a dongle. A mouse is a pointing device for me. Therefore the confusion.

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The vehicle configuration item should fit.

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