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Change Default Menu that Appears

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This could be a personal preference thing but I find it odd that the "Actions" menu is not the default menu that appears when I tap on the map. Most of the things I want to do are within the Actions sub-menu yet I always have to click twice to enter it.

I think it would be more intuitive and user friendly for the the Actions sub menu to be the main menu and the current main menu should be a sub menu selectable from the Actions menu.

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comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by jrahe

Hello, a workaround I modified the menus in the "navit.xml".
I use this workaround on a Win-Mobile device (win mobile 6 Prof.) with navit SVN and the GUI internal.

For me its useful to work with only three menus:
1.) Main
2.) Tuning
3.) Setup
For me its the fastest way to work with "navit", especially while driving a car.
With the first tap on the screen you got the Main-Menu. Tapping on bookmarks (1a) you can set your target for navigation with in 3 taps at all. Thats pretty fast. ;-)

In the Main-Menu you can:
1a) Do something with your bookmarks (e.g. navigate to a bookmark)
1b) Do something with a location (e.g. navigate to an adress)
1c) Do something with your "map-position" (e.g. save as a bookmark, navigate to, ...)
1d) Do something with your "GPS-position" (e.g. save as a bookmark, navigate to, ...)
1e) Exit navit
1f) Go to the next menu "Tuning"

In the Tuning-Menu you can:
2a) Toggle map fixed to north on/off (my default is "fixed to north off")
2b) Toggle "autozoom" on/off (my default is "autozoom on")
2c) Toggle GPS-position fixed to street on/off (my default is "fixed to street on")
2d) Toggle fullscreen on/off (my default is "fullscreen on")
2e) Toggle view 3d-view on/off (my default is "3d-view off")
2f) Go to the next menu "Setup"
(...all default values are defined and could be changed in the "navit.xml")

In the Setup-Menu you can:
2a) Call the "vehicle-menu" (e.g. there you can change your actual vehicle-profile)
2b) Call the "map-menu" (e.g. there you can change your current map)
2c) Call the "about-site"
2d) Delete current navigaition-route (...only visible while navigating)

To use a workaround like this you have to modify in the "navit.xml" the section between <gui ...> and </gui>. (You can use a standard text-editor.)

<gui type="internal" enabled="yes" fullscreen="1"><![CDATA[

<a name='Main Menu'><text>Main menu</text>
	<img src='gui_bookmark' onclick='bookmarks()'><text>Bookmarks</text></img>
	<img src='gui_town' onclick='town()'><text>Town</text></img>
	<img cond='click_coord_geo' src='gui_map' onclick='position(click_coord_geo,_("Map Point"),8|16|32|64|256)'><script>write(click_coord_geo)</script></img>
	<img cond='position_coord_geo' src='gui_vehicle' onclick='position(position_coord_geo,_("Vehicle Position"),8|32|64|128|256)'><script>write(position_coord_geo)</script></img>
 	<img src='gui_quit' onclick='quit()'><text>Quit</text></img>
	<a href='#Tuning'><img src='gui_arrow_right'><text>Tuning</text></img></a>

<a name='Tuning'><text>Tuning</text>
	<img cond='navit.orientation<0' src='gui_stop' onclick='navit.orientation=0;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>Norden</text></img>
	<img cond='navit.orientation>=0' src='gui_active' onclick='navit.orientation=-1;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>Norden</text></img>

	<img cond='navit.autozoom_active!=0' src='gui_active' onclick='navit.autozoom_active=0;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>AutoZoom</text></img>
	<img cond='navit.autozoom_active==0' src='gui_stop' onclick='navit.autozoom_active=1;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>AutoZoom</text></img>

	<img cond='navit.tracking==1' src='gui_active' onclick='navit.tracking=0;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>"Auf Strasse"</text></img>
	<img cond='navit.tracking==0' src='gui_stop' onclick='navit.tracking=1;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>"Auf Strasse"</text></img>

	<img cond='fullscreen==1' src='gui_active' onclick='fullscreen=0;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>Vollbild</text></img>
	<img cond='fullscreen==0' src='gui_stop' onclick='fullscreen=1;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>Vollbild</text></img>

	<img cond='navit.pitch==0' src='gui_stop' onclick='navit.pitch=60;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>3D</text></img>
	<img cond='navit.pitch!=0' src='gui_active' onclick='navit.pitch=0;redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>3D</text></img>

	<a href='#Setup'><img src='gui_arrow_right'>Setup</img></a>

<a name='Setup'><text>Setup</text>
	<img src='gui_vehicle' onclick='setting_vehicle()'><text>Vehicle</text></img>
	<img src='gui_maps' onclick='setting_maps()'><text>Karten</text></img>
	<img src='gui_about'  onclick='about()'><text>About</text></img>
	<img cond='navit.route.route_status&amp;52' src='gui_stop' onclick='abort_navigation();redraw_map();back_to_map()'><text>Stop-Route</text></img>






Greetings Jörg

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by dirk205


I tried to configure Navit same way. This feature to customize is great!

Question: Is there a menu page similar to the OSD layout page ""?

My menu:

  • some default settings: 3D and full screen, menu colors
  • [added spaces for better readability]
  • Main:

Actions, Settings, Route (if a route is active), and Quit

  • Actions menu:

Bookmarks, Town selection, Map and GPS position

  • Settings:

Fullscreen yes/no, Card Selection, 3D/2D, About

  • Route:

Vehicle Selection, Speech, Route Description, Route Removal

This is work in progress: some bitmaps are not best choice and I suggest to add tuning items from Jörg's proposal above, too (orientation, tracking, auto zoom).

        <gui type="internal" enabled="yes" menubar="1" toolbar="1" statusbar="1"
             fullscreen="1" text_color="#10184aFF"  background_color="#b0c0ffFF">
            <a name='Main Menu'><text>Main menu</text>
                <a href='#Actions'>   <img src='gui_actions'>                    <text>Actions</text></img></a>
                <a href='#Settings'>  <img src='gui_rules'>                      <text>Settings</text></img></a>
                                      <img src='gui_quit'    onclick='quit()'>   <text>Quit</text></img>
                <a cond='navit.route.route_status&amp;52' href='#Route'>
                                      <img src='gui_vehicle'>                    <text>Route</text></img></a>
            <a name='Actions'><text>Actions</text>
                <img src='gui_bookmark'                          onclick='bookmarks()'> <text>Bookmarks</text></img>
                <img src='gui_town'                              onclick='town()'>      <text>Town</text></img>
                <img cond='click_coord_geo'    src='gui_map'     onclick='position(click_coord_geo,_("Map Point"),8|32|48|128)'>  <script>write(click_coord_geo)</script> </img>
                <img cond='position_coord_geo' src='gui_vehicle' onclick='position(position_coord_geo,_("Vehicle Position"),8|32|48|128)'>  <script>write(position_coord_geo)</script> </img>
            <a name='Settings'><text>Settings</text>
                <img cond='fullscreen==0'  src='gui_fullscreen'       onclick='fullscreen=1'>      <text>Fullscreen</text></img>
                <img cond='fullscreen==1'  src='gui_leave_fullscreen' onclick='fullscreen=0'>      <text>Window Mode</text></img>
                <img                       src='gui_maps'             onclick='setting_maps()'>    <text>Maps</text></img>
                <img cond='navit.pitch==0' src='gui_map'              onclick='navit.pitch=24;  redraw_map();back_to_map()'> <text>3D</text> </img>
                <img cond='navit.pitch!=0' src='gui_map'              onclick='navit.pitch=0;   redraw_map();back_to_map()'> <text>2D</text> </img>
                <img                       src='gui_about'            onclick='about()'>           <text>About</text></img>

            <a name='Route'><text>Route</text>
                <img src='gui_vehicle_pedestrian'               onclick='setting_vehicle();back()'>   <text>Vehicle</text></img>
                <img cond=''  src='gui_sound_off'  onclick='speech_inactive();back()'>   <text>Sound off</text></img>
                <img cond='!' src='gui_sound'      onclick='speech_active();back()'>     <text>Sound on</text></img>
                <img src='gui_town'     onclick='route_description()'>                           <text>Description</text></img>
                <img src='gui_zoom_in'  onclick='route_height_profile()'>                        <text>Height Profile</text></img>
                <img src='gui_stop'     onclick='abort_navigation();redraw_map();back_to_map()'> <text>Stop Navigation</text></img>

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comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by korrosa

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for contributing your Internal Menu layout. There is currently no similar page to the OSD Layouts page, but there's nothing to stop you creating it. If you don't, I'll give it a bash over the weekend...

comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by dirk205

Hi Korrosa,

now I found two possible pages ... ;-) --> accessible via

So, I deceided to put my proposal to the page "Internal_GUI" which was more recent, too. I suggest to remove the page "GUI_internal".

Cheers Dirk

comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by korrosa


Thanks for putting up your menu configuration on the wiki. Last night I finished compiling an ordered list of all the wiki pages, and there's a few duplications like the one you've highlighted:

cp15 very kindly elevated my privileges on the wiki, so I'll have a check through all duplicates and merge/remove what's necessary. I'll probably also move the different Internal GUI menu configurations to a separate sub-page (something like Internal_GUI/Menu configurations) and include the config provided in this ticket by jrahe and my own menu configuration.

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Closing as this is a user-settable issue.

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