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Maptool does not handle OSM access flags correctly

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Short description: Setting highway attributes to access=no, transport_mode=yes (e.g bus=yes) results in no access to the route.

Long Description: Using the OSM guidelines for defining access on a highway ( Transport Mode Restrictions section) it appears the correct way to indicate a highway is for bus use only would be to define access=no, bus=yes. This should result with the path having access flag of AF_BUS, instead the result is no access at all 0x0. Maptool generates the correct access flags, if the path has every transport_mode set to no (foot=no,motorcycle=no...) and the required one set to yes (bus=yes).

Expected result: transport modes set to yes be honoured even if the path access has been set to no.

Navit has been trying to direct me to drive on bus only highways because of this flag problem. So it might be affecting others without them recognising it by eliminating valid routes because all the flags are set to no access.

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OSRM wrong routing in St. Joseph

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I've attached a patch to osm.c that changes the behaviour of the flag attribute. With this patch changing general access of a highway to no, while setting a transport mode to yes (e.g. bus=yes), will not result in all access flags to the highway being set to no. Reference

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Was this issue solved?

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The issue has not been resolved. I have tested Navit with a map downloaded this week on the 25th and with Navit version 0.5.0 5538.

The issue is as follows -

The OSM wiki has an example highway tagged access=yes, foot=no, which means that all forms of traffic are allowed except foot traffic.

There is a on my daily commute highway tagged access=no, bus=yes, psv=designated, motor_vehicle=official. Based on the OSM example this highway should not be accessed to any traffic except bus, psv and motor_vehicle_official. Instead Navit routes me on to this highway, the highways flags are 0x1ff80040 (af_speed_limit|af_dangerous_goods|af_emergency_vehicles|af_transport_truck...)

I tracked the problem to the way maptool processes the access flags and my patch corrects the behaviour so that access is removed when access=no and then granted only to the tags that imply access is allowed.

My test is going from 10.6533172, -61.4140428 to 10.650911, -61.418676. Navit should never route me on the Priority Bus Route, that is the highway with the access tags mentioned above.

I hope this clears up the situation


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OSRM wrong routing in St. Joseph

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Thanks for reopening the ticket and giving us support even in presence :)

When I analyse your example right, it's about this area in St. Joseph (Trinidad). If we look in the south, there is the red 'priority bus route' that is way #131359367 currently and tagged as you describe.

But for this special example, I would expect that this is a tagging problem (too). IMHO the wiki says, that the *=official attribute is used when the vehicles are explicitly allowed and not that only official vehicles are allowed.Even does the same (as you say wrong) routing: see this screenshot:
OSRM wrong routing in St. Joseph

The situation you describe, I would modell as follows:


From my understanding (crosschecked with DE:Access, too) this should be right.

But maybe you are right and Navit uses really wrong computation (sorry I'm not that deep into the code), can you provide us another example where it missdetects any access roles? I will take a look at my area, to find some bad behaviour, too.

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Thanks for the response. I never checked the routing against . Good find. Maybe that road is incorrectly tagged.

What I did to test the situation when I reported the bug was to create a test road network using JOSM, then convert my test network to a map file using maptool and then test the route that Navit would create with different tags on the road. That way I could create any road tag quickly with

I will go through this again and upload the test osm files, Navit map files and screenshots of Navit's route if I get the same wrong paths I got before. If not I will close the ticket.

Hopefully I will complete that today.

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I have checked using the test methodology I used when first reporting the bug and have not been able to recreate the problem. Looking at the SVN logs it appears the bug was fixed by revision 5407 by mdankov, Sun Mar 3 06:54:09 2013 UTC which among other things allowed access rights to be overridden.

The fix was hidden by the incorrect tags placed on the highway, I will fix the tags and close this ticket.

Thanks for the assistance.

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